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11/02/14:: Valentine Event ::

It's time for our annual Valentine's Day Event. The actual quests and Love Island are the same as they were in previous years but for those that missed it and for our new players, here is the information on the event and quests. The new items added this year are indicated on the list below. This year we have also added a new achievement and player title.

Happy Valentine!
the titanRose staff

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01/01/14:: 2014 - Happy new year! ::

Hello everyone!

We from titanRose wish our entire community a very happy new year. Ever since the release in 2009 our community has been a joy for us to work hard for. We couldn't wish for anything more when it comes to our players, as players make the game for what it is.

2013 has been an interesting year with ups and downs. We've run into limitations, for example: servers (DDoS attacks), development/developers... These limitations made it very clear to us that we're able to eventually get past any obstacle that comes along. Or at least, we're willing to try hard to keep titanRose a running server for as long as possible. The dedication of my fellow staff members, the friendly yet fiery attitude displayed is an important factor in being able to stay motivated towards titanRose as a whole. It has not been an easy road, but a fun one nonetheless.

There is plenty more to come in 2014, make sure to check up on us as we have big plans for titanRose still.
- 4th Planet Oro
- Public events (brand new event system!)

These are currently works in progress, and very exciting and valuable additions to ROSE as is. We'll hope to please many of our old players, as well as bring new players to give titanRose a shot!

Happy new year!
the titanRose staff

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12/10/13:: We're back online! ::

Dear players,

The moving of the servers went rather smoothly! We made sure all the data was accurate within the last minute of releasing the new servers to the public. That said we're continuing to tweak settings to increase the stability and performance where needed. We're very satisfied with the results so far!

We would like to thank Staminus for their services, thanks to them we will no longer have any issues with incoming DDoS attacks. Staminus is a provider for dedicated servers, clouds and offers a wide range of services/support to what they host. titanRose servers are now hosted and protected by Staminus!

Also a BIG shout-out to our loyal players. Without you there would be no titanRose, and titanRose is worth of being there. We're grateful that we have such an amazing community that supports us through the "annoyances" of internet corruptions/competition. titanRose remains the most representative iROSE server that comes with unique features that are come up with, designed, coded, tested, evaluated by the titanRose staff members themselves. And while there will always be servers that try to resemble our features, we like to think the quality in titanRose comes before quantity. Through the years I'm glad to say that titanRose's level of ingenuity has never fully been matched by other private servers.
So thank you once again. We'll try to keep doing our best, until there's no more to give.

But wait, there's more! As a token of our gratitude we'll be releasing a Coupon Code within the coming weeks that will help you regain some of the lost Expoints you weren't able to get during our server-downtime, in style!
Make sure to check our Forum/Facebook/Twitter for the coupon codes we release!

Kind regards,
The titanRose staff members

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